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A Mother's Instinct Poem

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

A Mother's Instinct

A mother's instinct

Is it always right?

The need you have to protect

The need you have to fight

The unconditional love

The emotions that you feel

That instinct inside

That instinct is real

The maternal bond

The gravitational pull

That need to respond

That want to fulfil

The instinct kicks in

The feeling won't go

That intuition is powerful

That anxiety grows

The sleepless nights

The endless meltdown

That tag needs to be cut off

That toy the other way around

The experienced say you're tired

The experienced say you're stressed

That boy is just active

That boy has distinct interests

The necessity to keep pushing

The drive to be understood

That continuous emotional knock down

That boy is misunderstood

The years grow more difficult

The anger harder to control

That boy is screaming for help

That boy needs help to let go

The experienced say you're right

The experienced say he does have a need

That boy does have autism

That boy does have ADHD

A mother's instinct

It is always right

That need you have to protect

That need you have to fight

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